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Stay Connected with Your Stake Holders, Clients, Staff & Donors.

Francine Socket & Associates, Event Architects now offers Virtual Experiences & Events.


We can create a custom branded experience that will keep you engaged with the people that matter most to your business.


We still offer the same hands on detailed event planning process! 

Before Your Event

  • Identify goals & objectives

  • Develop themes & ideation

  • Create detailed critical path with timelines

  • Create budget

  • Consider formats & technologies

  • Discuss & book content, speakers, &/or entertainment

  • Explore sponsorship & benefits

  • Create a custom catered menu for your attendees

  • Create custom branded merchandise for your attendees

  • Create marketing plan & identify promotional opportunities

During Your Event

  • Be an attendee & part of the interactivity

  • Communicate with attendees

  • Create comfortable spaces

  • Consider goals & objectives

  • Know your roles - hosts, technicals, social media managers

After Your Event

  • Debrief event

  • Share all data

  • Review goals & objectives

  • Follow up with attendees

  • Stay connected

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Same exceptional service you have come to rely on….new platform.

Start creating
your virtual EVENT

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